This was a great little low set post-war home with two bedrooms, a small office and a double lock-up garage. It was purchased prior to the Brisbane property boom.

I loved this place for its character and charm, not to mention the fact that the major Chermside Shopping Centre and transport corridor were within walking distance.

When the time came to choose an agent, we went looking for someone local - someone who appeared to be actively kicking some goals with their sales.  This was my first mistake, I chose an agent who was just too busy. My listing only got some of his time, and I soon realised that this time was actually very little.

When it came to open homes, he was always late with the explanation that the previous open home had kept him back.  But then, my calls were hardly ever returned and the whole process seemed like a rushed job.

It was late Saturday afternoon when an offer came in by phone to the agent.  It was $9000 less than our listed price and the agent told the lady that her offer needed to be at least the listed price because he did not have the time to go back and forth negotiating – needless to say, the lady withdrew her offer and hung up.  She went on to purchase a comparable property in the street behind ours and told me that she ended up paying more than she expected to.  She also went on to tell me that she would have paid the listed price on our property, but the agent was not willing to negotiate. This angered me more when our property did end up selling three months later for $5000 less than the listed price.

What a guy!