“Let us show off the cockroaches…”

So, here I am eagerly inspecting a waterfront property on the Sunshine Coast thinking about the convenient location, the benefits of the northerly aspect and the well maintained homes surrounding it.

As I walked through the front door, I noticed a big dead cockroach in the hallway that everyone else (including the agent) would have had to step over. As I continued through it became apparent that the house was not being lived in, as each and every other room had become the final resting place for all manner of other insects including dead flies, ants, spiders and plenty of other cockroaches.

I sought out the agent to ask about the situation. I asked politey, “does the owner live here, or is it a rental?” I got the rather casual reply of, “naah, the owner is in a home and the family just want the house gone.”  So, what do you think I did? I offered $850,000 on the spot and was then told; “Oh no, they want at least a ‘mill’.” Again, very casual and rather nonchalant.

I kept my eye on this home for some time after and went through it again when I saw that the listing agent had been changed. When I went through that same house two months later, to the new agent’s credit, the home had undergone a thorough clean up including the grounds, carpet cleaning, a damn good de-clutter of the interior and rubbish removal. Well, needless to say, the property went on to sell for just over the magical million-dollar price tag.

When I spoke to the agent about the sale a little later, he told me that he knew the best offer would come from the best buyer and that the best buyer would be someone who just wanted to move in and enjoy the lifestyle without taking on a project – and that is how it went.  Clever guy!