This was the classic low set brick, five bedroom master built home set in amongst the beautiful bushy backdrop of Cashmere in Queensland.  The private, gated residence offered security and privacy to its battle axe block and we were proud to call it our home.

We loved this place, but it was time for a change so we listed it with an agent who gave us a great vibe up front.  

Our first open home produced 12 groups, which was both encouraging and reassuring. We felt as though we may have been slightly ambitious with our pricing and we had heard of a lot of cheeky offers being circulated on other properties at the time.

The following week, with a hint of excitement, I waited in my car around the corner, watching people arrive. As expected, they walked in but they promptly came back out a lot sooner than I thought was normal.  I counted eight groups – a great turn out once again.  With about 15 minutes left of the open time it seemed that everyone who was going to attend had been through, so I walked up the drive and entered the house.  My lovely front door was welcomingly wide open as I‘d expected, so I continued on through to the open plan lounge only to find my agent sound asleep on my couch!

I checked for a pulse and once I felt sure that his health was in good order, I left him comfortably in place. I mean, why wouldn’t I? He looked so peaceful!

An hour later he started to stir, only to wake and find me sitting next to him watching TV – it was good viewing.  After listening to him declare that he had had a big night, and watching him have a bit of a yawn followed by the delivery of a slightly larger apology, I asked him to leave and collect his sign from the front yard on his way out.

It was bitter sweet and extremely surprising that he went on to sell our home two weeks later for $12,000 above the listed price.  Bit of a guilt trip there perhaps?