Wurtulla – home is where the heart is

Late in 2013, I was eagerly awaiting a response to my offer on a waterfront property at Mooloolaba. It was a long shot, but hey you never know until you try. Unfortunately, this ended up being a multiple offer scenario and mine wasn’t the best on the table. I was happy for the owner though, as they were able to achieve the price they wanted and it was also an indication that there was some buoyancy in the market. Time for my family and I to forget about the lifestyle we had conjured up on that property and move forward to find something else. As you will see as you read on, missing out on this home actually turned out to be a blessing, even though at the time we were really disappointed.  Such are the ‘swings and round-abouts’ of real estate.

Leading up to this offer, I had also been watching the sales and activity on properties 10-15 minutes south of Mooloolaba around the beachside suburbs of Wurtulla and Currimundi. Occasionally I would call in to a few open homes and was starting to get quite a feel for the area. One particular day, I had been doing my usual trawl of www.realestate.com.au and noticed a new listing for a canal-front property in Wurtulla. At that point it was 3:30pm, so I called the agent and asked for an inspection that afternoon. I was keen, I had financial pre-approval and I was ready to buy.  I packed the 3 kids and a set of crutches into the car and made it for a 5pm inspection.
I knew within minutes that it was perfect, and knowing my wife would agree, I made an offer on the spot.  Later that night we received feedback from the agent that our offer had been declined. We were at the top of our bracket, so with a heavy heart I knew that I had to walk away. It was like a one-sided love affair; I went to bed thinking about it and woke up thinking about it. Two days later the home was listed for Auction, which was a sure indication that there was other interest and the owners where serious about getting the best price.

Auction day arrived and I just couldn’t bring myself to attend so I packed the family up and we took off the to beach to drown our disappointment once again. Two hours later my phone rang, and the agent wasted no time on congratulating me on the acceptance of my offer! To say I was gobsmacked would be the ultimate understatement. The agent went on to tell me that the owners had experienced a change in circumstances and would like to revisit my offer and get a quick sale underway. Like a love struck bunny, I leaped forward.

So, now we are all settled in our new family home in Wurtulla, and to be honest we really are living our family dream. It’s not just the house we love – it’s the whole vibe of the area.
I can easily say that Wurtulla has just about everything we could have hoped for and actually exceeds our initial expectations. We are surrounded by some of the best fishing spots, an amazing canoe trail and have a world-class beach right on our doorstep. The nearby public transport corridor makes getting to and from school really easy for our children and the new and growing medical hub of the Sunshine Coast is just minutes away. Add that to the Dentists, Accountants, Chemist, Cafe’s, Restaurants, 24 hour gym, 24 hour petrol stations, and various convenience stores, and you don’t have to go far to get anything at anytime. Even the people who live there are awesome!

Believe it or not it’s just like being part of one big happy family – I guess we’re all there enjoying the same things and are naturally drawn into acknowledging each other. Perhaps it simply boils down to the fresh salt air and the natural beauty of the flora surrounding our parks and walkways. Whatever it is, we’re all just happy to call it home!