Should you use a real estate agent or sell your house yourself

Selling a property is a big financial transaction, so it’s worth considering using an expert. Even if you have the experience and the resources to ‘go it alone’, doing so can be expensive and extremely time-consuming.

Real estate agents sell properties for a living and their wealth of experience can be invaluable. Additionally, using an agent also gives you legal protection. An agent will:

- Provide a realistic indication of the value of your property.

- Help you decide how to sell your property, whether by auction, asking price.

- Organise, attend and record prospective buyers at open for inspection. 

- Manage enquiries about your property.

- Provide access to more potential buyers via their own prospect database.

- Handle sale negotiations on your behalf and strive to achieve the best 

  possible result.

An agent will:

Advise on & coordinate the marketing of your property, including

preparation of flyers, floor plans and photography & social media exposure                        

Prepare a professional advertising schedule to achieve a premium price.

Opening your home in a professional manner for potential buyers.

Prepare a Contract of Sale and negotiating with buyers.

Provide guidance on conveyancing, legal and financial services.

Finalise the sale through recommendation of a solicitor or conveyancing specialist.

Selling privately may significantly reduce the number of buyers your property is exposed to as a private sale listing.