$800,000 plus

Recently, I finished the fifth consecutive Saturday of the open house trail around the Sunshine Coast.  I was particularly interested in properties marketed above $800,000.

My main focus was on the types of marketing campaigns in place and the professionalism of the “Attraction Agents”.  My expectations were high and I wanted to see amazing.  I wanted to feel like the circus had come to town by seeing banners, brochures, floor plans and site plans, even balloons, fairy floss and show bags.  All because, let’s face it – the agents commission on $800,000 is around $22,500.  They all failed to impress me and quite frankly, I couldn’t see any wow factor at all.

On the other hand, when I compare the activities of agents selling properties between $400,000 - $500,000 I can see some real initiative.  They were working harder and had better engagement with the parties at their open homes.  The homes themselves seemed to be better presented, the handouts were comprehensive and well put together and in most cases I was made to feel welcome.

The statistics from these visits showed that two out of seven agents made a follow up call. One agent asked me for feedback on what I would expect to pay as I walked through a particular property, and another agent made no effort at all and failed to even acknowledge me.

Although this is just a very small snapshot of the industry, I find it very difficult to understand why agents expect a premium fee from the paltry efforts made.